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Posted on:29-10-2014; Tags: Mac Makeup UK Outle Locations

In MAC Cosmetics Brooke Shields limited edition collection of beauty icons mac makeup set can still be a very short time. Apple also introduced a number of new collections for during the holiday season.

Brooke Shields famous for her well-groomed eyebrows, because mac mascara she is for her, "You want to know what to me and my Calvins it" From 1980's Calvin Klein jeans ad, and since then, we have been in love with her amazing beauty.

MAC to launch more new products for the holidays. And mixed heirloom collection lets you shine on. Large collection is complicated, but interesting. There are mac lipsticks rich, romantic and bold colors, leaving an impression. Some of the collection colors are black and avant-garde. Holidays are a perfect time to be bold and daring.

Moreover, the new memorabilia collection. A beautiful jewel mac makeup brush set embellishment of this group packaging. Festival series include fashion, coordinating collection of various color combinations eyes, lips and face. There is also a brush bag and limited edition sets and six extraordinary charm lipstick shade lip palette. Both are Rihanna's fearless, confident style inspiration.

Try something new this fall. Change your makeup with the seasons discount makeup and the future development trend is a wise move. The program is very easy, but will give you a little something to strengthen the self-confidence and a variety of new looks work.

MAC has released a new ad image from its social media accounts, filled with colorful shot of blue, pink and green fluorescent colors.

The capsule collection will be from four products, and will play in selected stores and online Dec. 4 shelves.

Three lipstick shades on offer heartthrob, runner and gunner are cheap mac makeup priced at 15.50, two are blood red, one is purple. Nail lacquer finish of the line, the color of red roses bearing a price tag of 10.00.

Face painting costs 50 yuan, and for those who like to go big or go home, special effects make-up $ 150 so that you fully zombified.

But what makes PRIV other cosmetic applications demand different? "Recently, we published mac brushes when the client requests it from the 12 minutes of nail," the company's chief technology officer Greg Kopyltsov, tells the dressing room.

The application currently allows users to book beauty services such as manicures, pedicures, and a blowout, and exercise - and services come to you.